Pennant: 1950-60 Flora McDonald Academy NC Flag - Scottish Radical - Vintage

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Historic Pennants from 1950-60s

“The Flora MacDonald Academy, formerly Flora Macdonald College, in Red Springs, North Carolina is named after her and two of her children are interred on the campus; until 2009, it was also the site of the Flora Macdonald Highland Games.

Flora MacDonald; was a member of the Macdonalds of Sleat, who helped Charles Edward Stuart evade government troops after the Battle of Culloden in April 1746. Her family supported the government during the 1745 Rising and Flora later claimed to have assisted Charles out of sympathy for his situation. “ from Wikipedia

Pennant is
• Length: 26”long
• Fabric: wool felt.  
• Condition: Very Good

Note:  true vintage Preowned item; may contain minor flaws and defects.  Many old pennants have minor holes, catches, or other qualities that make them unique! 

The age of pennant is estimated unless it is clearly marked; we use our expertise in product dating based on construction and other trustworthy techniques to make our best approximation as possible.

Vintage item

Materials: felt

Length: 6

Height: 6